$3,971, Piston Filler Single Head JET-1000 Bundle #6 Fills Liquids, Pastes, Peanut Butter

Item Description

Brand New!
-Piston Filler Jet-1000
(Fills 100ml-1000ml)
-13 Gallon Hopper
-Hopper Cap
-R-120 Sensor
-Siphon Hose Attachment
(Sucks product directly from drum or bucket)
-PSI Moisture Filter
-Shut off Attachment
-Quiet Air Compressor 1xM
-FDA Approved Filter
-3 Nozzle Tips
-Auto Run/ Manual Run Option
-Emergency Stop
-Speed Control
-SSCFR-120/ 10ft Conveyor
-Hablamos Espanol
-24/7 Live Customer Service
Please feel free to email or give us a call!
Quantity 1
Condition New

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