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 Set of stereo receiver, 5 disc DVD changer, powerful 5 mini speakers w/8 ohm impedance and 100w output and a woofer: 

       Stereo receiver:Sony, keenwood, toshiba ,on kayo, Yamaha, Panasonic , tecnnic.

       DVD 5 disc changer: Sony, on koy, keen wood, Panasonic, Yamaha & toshiba

       Speakers: Sony, klh, polks audio, audio source, JVC, yamaha, onkyo, Optimus, Bose,                              

       Boston, t samsung woofer, boom boxes. Each set of sound system consist of 1 stereo


       DVD/CD 5 disc changer, 5 speakers and 1 woofer. Original cost $600 now only $195.

        I have 10 set of these stereo sound system in stock. T!his stereo system cost more than 

         $1,200 brand new.

       Seller : Manny ph.-1-916-428-2336

Quantity 10
Condition Used
Location Sacramento

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