Stomp Medical Bag FA140 by Elite first aid Black

Item Description

This is a used kit, in excellent condition.
All items included with it are new, but may be opened.
Retail on these bags are $379.00
The Stomp Medical Kit has a variety of contents and is used by professionals including medics and army personnel. The backpack is available in black The bag contains many velcro and zippered compartments for easy access to hundreds of items inside. Also, has 2 internal removable bags.

Medical Kit Contains:
1 Calamine Lotion, 6 oz
3 Elastic Bandage, 6\\\"
1 Pain Relievers
1 Cervical Collar
1 Instant Ice Pack
2 EMT Shears
1 Pair of Tweezers
1 Burn Spray
1 Instant Glucose
2 SAM/Universal Splint
3 Triangular Bandages
10 Abdominal Pads, 5″x9″
2 Stainless Steel Hemostats
2 Israeli Dressing, 4″
2 Israeli Dressing, 6″
1 Pen light
5 Suture Sets
4 BleedStop Bandages
4 Airways
1 Stethoscope
1 Blood Pressure Cuff Kit
2 Elastic Bandage Gauze, 4.5″x4 yds.
2 CPR Mask
100 Asst. Sizes Bandage Strips
2 Emergency Blankets, 52″x84″
2 Multi Trauma Dressings, 20″x30″
1 Needle Probe
1 Hand Sanitizer, 2 oz.
3 Quick Clot

$200 firm

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Quantity 1
Condition New

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