Hiro YAMAGATA Hand Signed Poster - Raindrops

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Hiro YAMAGATA - Raindrops

Hand Signed Limited Edition Poster

From the \\\'Martin Lawrence Limited Editions Galleries\\\' 1989

In a Nice Metal Frame Under Plexiglass that Measures 27\\\'\\\' L x 37\\\'\\\' H

It\\\'s hand signed with gold ink on the bottom. It also has the \\\'Martin Lawrence Galleries\\\' Black Factory seal/stamp which can be seen in the pictures. The back of the poster has a placard which states the author, title piece, and states that it is a signed poster.

Priced low to sell fast at $100

A very similar Signed Yamagata Poster recently sold on ebay for $299. There are also several retail estimates which are much higher. His pieces (including prints) are very limited and Highly Collectible.

Quantity 1
Condition New

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