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Come in and FREE test ride the most powerful and absolutely best Electric Powered Beach Cruisers in the the industry.
\\nLB Electrics are powered by the most powerful motor the law allows-750 watts of brute power.
\\nLB Electrics are equipped with 36volt, 14Ah batteries. Especially note the 14Ah, which means longer range. Most lithium batteries are only 9 or 10Ah. \\\"Ah\\\" is the capacity that determines your range. Like the gas tank in your car--10 gal, 15 gal and so on.
\\nVISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.lbelectricbikes.com to learn how we can offer such powerful and supremely designed e-bikes for only $1299.
\\nTo schedule a FREE test ride or to just ask questions (and receive straight, no-bull answers) email or phone Henry: 562-472-5907. He\\\'s here 7 days a week
\\nGoogle search \\\"electric bikes\\\" and you will find most with ONLY 250 watt motors that wont get you up even the smallest hill selling for $2,600.00 AND UP!
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